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Help us build and stock an educational and technology resource center. Seeking to address a nearly universal scarcity of technology for the Kagbaneh Village, our resource center will be stocked with high-grade computers and software that will educate and professionally develop the underserved population. Basic computer training will introduce technology to some, and sharpen skills for others who have been exposed to IT. From Math and Science software that is designed to cater towards children and youth academic reinforcement, to language arts software designed to enhance comprehension and communication skills, our resource center will serve as an academic anchor in this community. Demographic feedback suggests that our resource center will be poised to offer educational and technology resources to a target group which is made up of over 500 youth and young adults.



Help us build and dedicate an open recreation space. It will serve as the only accessible fellowship and recreational space in the village of Kagbaneh and within a 10 mile radius. It will give hope and enjoyment to hundreds of youth who have absolutely no recreational outlet. From fitness and health implications, to community morale and cohesiveness, such a recreational space can serve as a tool to transform a community in need of a lift. Our set-aside recreational space will feature three fitness attractions: a commercial grade child-safe playground; a paved basketball court; and safe open space for free-play.



Help us build and dedicate a non-denominational church to the village of Kagbaneh. This will serve as a beacon of light and learning for believers within Kagbaneh and beyond. With a collection of families already having outgrown a tent-like meeting place, the need to establish a more permanent meeting place and worship facility has arisen. The intense heat and dusty atmosphere has taken its toll on the temporary tent-like meeting place, not to mention the faithful congregation that is growing. The need to build is clear. This two-level structural design will allow us to stretch usage of land-space and minimize the burden of pedestrian travel, since one level will serve as worship space, and the alternate level will serve as children and youth activity center. The community resource center will also be housed on the same level as the activity center.

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