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Upon witnessing the depressing condition of the village and sensing a calling to make a difference, the leaders of Genesis 12 and the congregation pledged to invest in the Mission to Sierra Leone. An unincorporated subsidiary was established to meet this goal: Mission to Sierra Leone. As the pledge was being formalized, so such the vision began to materialize and doors began to open. The mission was offered opportunity to purchase land adjacent to where current programming is ongoing. 4.5 town lots were purchased. Since making the investment to purchase the land that will serve as the location-hub of vitalization programming, the congregation has both underwritten and taken successive steps to continue the development and construction process:

  • Recordation Process and Expenses

  • Survey and Engineering Expenses

  • Materials and Construction of Machine Shed (Earth Material Storage)

  • Earth Materials for Cement and Mud Blocks (Sand, Concrete, Gravel, Rebar)

  • Roofing Materials (Zinc Bundles)

  • 1st Stage of Site Clearing, Grading, and Excavation

The gifts and donations thus far from the Genesis 12 family have shown an incredible amount of love and commitment to both the people of Kagbaneh, and the vision and mission to provide the kind of project and programming that will transform the village, now and for decades to come. To this point, the local village chief (Chief Saidu Koroma) and the paramount regional chief (Chief Alimany Salifu Mana Kawala) have both expressed their excitement and support for the Genesis 12 Mission to Kagbaneh and its services to the community. Not only have the members of the Genesis 12 church family been first to invest, but also the membership of the church in Kagbaneh, as well as some of the village men have pledged their time and talents to share in the labor required for construction. With the support of the local stakeholders, the pledge of volunteerism from the local membership, and help from Genesis 12 CFC, and the friends and partners of Genesis 12 CFC, by the grace of God, this mission will further materialize and come to fruition.

1 ST 


We invite and encourage you to partner with us in transforming the lives of the people in the villages of Kagbaneh and Katatina.  Collectively, we will be the first to invest in the educational, spiritual, and economic development of this region.  As we provide long-term resources and support, we will create a lasting, positive impact in this community for generations to come.

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