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Supporting the Villages of Kagbaneh and Katatina

The mission to Sierra Leone began when Mr. Pedro S. Bangura, a native of Sierra Leone who made America his home for much of his professional career began sensing a stir to return to Sierra Leone to make a difference. After having spent a season of reflection, prayer, preparation and training in his church (Genesis 12 CFC), Mr. Bangura journeyed from the United States, back home to the place of his upbringing, Bombali District, Kagbaneh and Katatina Villages, Sierra Leone. Upon arrival, he was heart-broken to discover that many things had not changed since he left as a young man. There is still poverty in mass; there are still deplorable living conditions, lack of healthcare, and a dearth of resources for education, technology, and fitness. While there is a devastating canvass of an under served population of people, there is also the gleaming rays of brilliance, beauty, determination, and ingenuity of a people so poised for vitalization.


Quickly, Mr. Bangura realized that the great people of Kagbaneh and Katatina could gain so much from just a little support. With their hunger for change and their work ethic and creativity, along with some support and resources, the village will be revitalized and transformed expeditiously.

There are two ways to donate in order to supply valuable resources and support to the villages of Kagbaneh and Katatina:

  • Donate securely through PayPal

  • COMING SOON - Download the single by Kagbaneh recording artist!

Mission to Sierra Leone is an unincorporated subsidiary of Genesis 12 Christian Fellowship Church. As a missional subsidiary, our vision is to be “community changers.” We envision infusing the villages of Kagbaneh and Katatina with love and labor that transforms the relational, educational, fitness, and spiritual quality of life in those communities.


Our mission is to design and deliver projects and programming to underserved populations in Sierra Leone.

The FOCUS of our Mission to Sierra Leone is:

  • Community Empowerment

  • Community Betterment

  • Community Worship

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